View EPG content (Prioritized, DVB, MHW, Extern) of the DVBViewer Media Server (DMS). Save to the XMLTV format for checked channels. The XMLTV file can be inported (automated) into DVBViewer/DMS using Xepg or used by any system that understands XMLTV files.

XgrabDMS requires DMS or DMS Basic. It only needs read access, so the guest account can be used if wanted.

Just download xgrabdm2.zip, unzip to any folder and read the Install.txt. This is the best way to explore the possibilities. The help files are detailed and even explains when not to use XgrabDMS.

XgrabDMS MUST be installed on the same pc as DMS since DMS api/epg.html can use the the *.grab(e.g. MyGrabFile.grab) files created by XgrabDMS on the form


There are advanced check/uncheck possibilities, see screenshots below.