Xepg Requires DVBViewer version 6.0+ and DVBViewer Media Server version 2.0+ (if using):

If you upgrade Xepg from versions, you MUST read How to Install/Upgrade/Remove

Xepg version (01.06.2021)

fix: Added a delay when the the import into DMS has finished using the new api/epgstatus.html. This ensures that all the imported epg is processed by DMS before any further action takes place. Requires at least DMS beta Download from members area.

change: Helpfile Options.rtf and options window upgraded.

Xepg version (01.03.2021)

fix: When clicking View LOG, the whole file was not shown.

change: Xepg -> Automate now has 2 Help buttons: Help (How To) and Help (Tecnical).

Xepg version (04.10.2019)

add: Support for https downloads of xmltv files.

Xepg version (04.08.2019)

change: Error message text if connection to DMS fails.

fix: In case of only title is present in the xmltv file an access violation could happen.

Xepg version (16.06.2019)

change: Options -> General -> Import XMLTV Into: Auto (not recommended) is no longer allowed. You will get a warning if you had that setting.

add: upgraded OXml SAX parser, the old version produced a memory leak on certain exceptions.

fix: Detect DMS http server response on POST.

add: Passwords and optionally download links are now saved encrypted.

add/change: Genre search strategy. English.xml is no longer hardcoded as the extra genre search file. Detailed example in the help file to the XMLTV Job Editor.

add: The delivered EPG Format files cannot be overwritten from within Xepg. You will get a list of files if you try to.

removed: Log Not Found Genres checkbox in the EPG Format Edditor. It will always do it if Search for ETSI 300 468 code is checked (the default).

fix: Filename of NoHits.txt changed to <xmltv file name> + _NoHits.txt (e.g. honeybee_Nohits.txt).

add: Help file EditJob.rtf contains a detailed examlpe on Genre search.

Xepg version (10.03.2019)

fix/add: Xepg will now accept TS Stream channels even if they are not yet autoupdated (e.g. tuned). The old version rejected channels with Audio and Video pids both equal to 0.

add: Leading and trailing white space is no longer removed in the xml settings files (e.g the EPG Format Editor files). You can now get an output like [3] (2:7) for the Season and Episode numbers by entering a space as "Delimiter (Season/Episode/Part)" for the Episode (xmltv_ns) "Information". Use the new Default2019.xml as format file or edit your own.

change: "SubTitle" renamed to "SubHeader".

add: Help file Format.rtf updated. Read about Xepg series recording support.

Xepg version (02.10.2018)

Add: Xepg requires full access rights to the DVBViewer Media server. This is now checked and logged. Don't use the credentials from the Guest account.

Fix: Options → DVBViewer Media Server → IP/Machine: The default value is now localhost instead of since the latter can cause problems in some cases. If you have it as recommended to change it to localhost.

Add: Help file changed: Options.rtf.

Xepg version (24.08.2018)

Changed: When a channel pairing has been done/changed followed by a Test Import it is no longer needed to relaunch all DVBViewer clients. The DVBViewer clients will immediately respond to such a change thanks to the new EPG update strategy in DVBViewer 6.1.2 and DVBViewer Media Server 2.1.2. The content of the reminder box has been changed accordingly.

Fix: Options → DVBViewer Media Server → Detect Clients (button). Detected clients are now added to the client list instead of replacing them.

Add: Help files changed: Main.rtf, Options.rtf, Automate.rtf.

NOTE: You should only upgrade Xepg to version if you have upgraded DVBViewer to 6.1.2 (and DVBViewer Media Server to 2.1.2).

Xepg version (14.11.2017)

Add: EPG Format Editor → How To Display: Final Output text box (e.g. [#] adds square brackets around the information). Help file Format.rtf upgraded.

Add: Deutsch.xml language file. Thanks to user x112.

Add: Squared.xml as a sample EPG Format file.

Fix: DPI scaling in EPG Format editor improved.

Fix: Accelerator key conflicts in EPG Format editor.

Xepg version (11.06.2017)

Fix: Too many blank lines in the EPG output in some cases.

Change: EPG Format Editor → Where to display TreeView: AutoExpand set to False. Works better.

Add: LineBreaks.xml as an example EPG Format File. Try this one out.

Xepg version (08.06.2017)

Fix: Xepg will now read all settings xml files (Pairings, Language, EPGFormats) if they are well-formed. It is no longer possible to make a blank line using space in Some Text. Instead use:

Add: EPG Format Editor → Information → Line Break. Drop as many line breaks you want.

Add: ManyLineBreaks.xml as an example EPG Format File. Just meant for experiments.

Add: Logging when reading settings xml files.

Add: Help file Format.rtf updated.

Xepg version (11.04.2017)

Add: Support for the TS Stream Tunertype (=6). If you have IPTV channels (Tunertype=4) it is recommended to convert them to TS Streams.

Add: Support for the new reworked EPG handling in DVBViewer/DVBViewer Media Server.

Remove: Options → Syncronize (General). It is not needed anymore since External EPG is automatically shown/used if present.

Change: On import Xepg now discards outdated (past) EPG programme items.

Fix: Tab order in some windows.

Add: Most help files reworked.

Xepg is NOT designed to work with the combination DVBViewer 6.x/Recording Service 1.x.

Xepg 0.6.x.x and 0.5.x.x Requires DVBViewer versions < 6.0 and Recording Service versions < 2.0 (if using):

Xepg version (15.05.2016)

add: Options -> Recording Service: Call Auto Timer after import (checkbox).

fix: The Recording Service version number was in some (rare) cases not detected properly. Now iver from GET VERSION is used.

Xepg version (08.04.2016)

add: Options -> Recording Service: You can add or detect a list of DVBViewer clients to be EPG updated right after the import. See Help.

add: Recording Service LOG: Now uses /api/status2.html if Recording Service version is 1.31.0+.

fix: Tab order in Options window.

add: Help files upgraded: Options.rtf, Main.rtf and Pairings.rtf.

Xepg version (12.12.2015)

add: OXml upgraded to latest official release.

add: EasyXML upgraded to latest official release.

Xepg version (26.11.2015)

fix: Xepg now calculates times according to the XMLTV standard! Thanks to the guys at webgrabplus.com for pointing this out. It is added as an option in the XMLTV Job Editor as a checkbox ”Use UTC and PC Local Timezone”. It is checked by default, so if you don't want this you have to uncheck it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

add: EasyXML upgraded. It's a beta, so please take the time to test it and report back if any problems. When the final version is released I will upgrade to that.

fix: OXml was not properly initialized making it unable to detect the encoding in some cases.

add: OXml upgraded. A request for easier whitespace handling was met.

add: batNoConsole.vbs. Can be used if you have a BAT file as grabber. Read TheFiles.rtf (new) in Xepg Data Folder.

add: Help files upgraded: EditJob.rtf and Options.rtf (about Gmail).

Xepg version

add: One click syncronization of the DVBViewer channels EPG reception with Xepg channel pairings. Options → Syncronize (general). NOTE: If you upgrade the installation window will pop up. Just click Execute (button).

add: Use Recording Service if available” checkbox replaced by 3 radio buttons. Please read help. Xepg will set the radio buttons according to your old setting. It is recommended to use the new third possibility ”Recording Service” if you use Recording Service.

add: Apply button in Options.

removed: Accelerator keys (the underlined characters) in Options. They don't make sence in that control (TCategoryPanelGroup).

add: TheFiles.rtf in Xepg Data Folder explaining the purpopse of the different files. There are some new.

add: Content of link ”How to install/Upgrade” at a123.dk updated.

add: Help files upgraded: Main.rtf, Options.rtf, ReadMe.rtf, Automate.rtf.

add: OpenSSL upgraded to version 1.0.2d. Read help to E-mail notification if you use Gmail.

Xepg version beta

add: Fine tuned the implementation of the OXml SAX parser. Se help file to XMLTV Job Editor.

add: Upgraded Easy XML. There was one file it did not process correctly.

fix: The Microsoft MSXML DOM (formerly Microsoft IE) raised an exception (error) if a DOCTYPE statement was present. In newer versions it's needed explicitly to allow this.

Xepg version beta

add: OXml SAX parser from kluug.net as XMLTV Engine. Select in XMLTV Job Editor.

Xepg version beta

fix: Bug in ”Log Genre Search Result” in case of English categories in non English file.

Xepg version beta

add: Support for <composer> and <editor> in XMLTV <credits> tag. If you have your own EPG Format file you need to add them where you want them to ”Where to display information”.

add: Xtranslate v. is available.

add: Language files upgraded. Thanks to Gioxy for the Italian one.

add: Improved search method for the ETSI Genre number. Details in Xtranslate Help (new!). I have added some Genre search words to English.xml to make Danish Timefor.tv work better.

add: ”Log Genre Search Result” checkbox in EPG Format Editor for Category (Genre) information. This will list all category values that have no matches in the language file(s). A good starting point if you want to improve the language file. If there are more than 20 they are saved to NoHits.txt in Xepg Data Folder else they are just logged. Try LogGenre.xml as Format File in the XMLTV Job Editor. Remember to switch back again, no need to log those each time.

add: Support for additional episode numbering systems. Check out Episode () in EPG Format Editor.

add: Support for <icon> and <review> tags in XMLTV file. Well, the URLs are shipped to DVBViewer/Recording Service. In the near future I will post a request for actually using them, that's all I can do.

fix: White space is now preserved when reading xml configuration files.

add: XMLTV Job Editor: Options for Selecting title, sub-title and description according to the 2 letter language attribute defined in the language file. For your existing jobs the behavior is as usual. Check it out if you want to take advantage of the new options.

add: XMLTV Job Editor: Possibility to (re)move original XMLTV sub-title (Event). This can be used to avoid some unwanted multible recordings of the same episode in Recording Service -> Search EPG -> Check against Timer Name. There are cons and pros for using this option.