Auto Import XMLTV EPG into DVBViewer and DVBViewer Media Server

(Do not upload the files anywhere, simply supply the link www.a123.dk, please!)

Requires DVBViewer 6.x (and DVBViewer Media Server 2.x):
Name Version Date Download Link Status Requirements Information Total Downloads
Xepg 11.10.2023 setupxepg0750.exe Beta DMS if using DMS changelog
Xepg 01.06.2021 setupxepg0744.exe Stable DMS if using DMS changelog
XgrabDMS 04.10.2019 xgrabdms2.zip Stable DMS 2.1.5 or DMS Basic Home
XgrabDMS 08.06.2017 xgrabdms.zip Stable Old Home
EpgPair 05.02.2021 epgpair.zip Stable DVBViewer 7.0.2/DMS 3.0.2 Help File

NOTE: Xepg will not work with the DMS Basic.

Older versions. Will only work with DVBViewer 5.x (and Recording Service 1.x):
Name Version Date Download Link Status Information Total Downloads
Xepg 15.05.2016 setupxepg0622.exe Stable changelog
XchannelEdit 17.06.2016 setupxchanneledit0300.exe Stable Home

Name Version Date Download Link Status Information Total Downloads
Xtranslate 11.10.2023 Xtranslate.zip Stable Screenshot
Xtimezone 26.11.2015 Xtimezone.zip Stable Screenshot

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Main Features

The Main Window

The XMLTV Job Editor

The EPG Format Editor

The Channel Pairing window

There are Pairing Orphants of type "Both" (red dot), Click to remove

Most important menus/dialogs available in pairing window:

Automating the process

Opdateret d. 11.10.2023